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    Medical Misdiagnosis Claims 

    Results from the NHS resolution show that a staggering 40% of claims were associated with delayed, incorrect, or a failed diagnosis. The results of a misdiagnosis can be devastating, and even have fatal consequences.

    What is a misdiagnosis claim?

    The main misdiagnosis claims are either when a medical professional fails to diagnose with a problem entirely, or when they diagnose you with the incorrect medical problem. Before diagnosing you, they must fully consider all the causes for the condition before making their diagnosis. Failure to do so may leave you with wrong information.

    The medical misdiagnosis compensation claims we handle

    The medical diagnosis claims which we work with are:-

    • Delayed diagnosis
    • Complete misdiagnosis
    • Cancer misdiagnosis

    There are many types of medical misdiagnosis’, some of the main ones include:-

    1. Misinterpreted test results.
    2. A misdiagnosis which has resulted in the wrong medication being prescribed/administered to you.
    3. A misdiagnosis which has caused a delay in treatment.
    4. Misdiagnosing or failing to misdiagnose something in a pregnancy related case.
    5. Failure to diagnose a serious illness correctly.

    Claiming cancer misdiagnosis compensation

    Misdiagnosing, or failing to diagnose, a cancer can have devastating consequences on patient’s health, especially if it leaves you with irreversible damage. A claim as delicate as this will require exceptional care and dedication, which our specialist team and panel of solicitors never fail to provide.

    If yours or a loved one’s cancer has been missed or incorrectly diagnosed, this can cause the disease to worsen and a patient’s health to decline. This could result in limiting the amount of treatment which can help you. If that happens, then we can look in to how the delay has affected your health and recovery, and when it should have been diagnosed.


    What common conditions are misdiagnosed on the nhs?

    Unfortunately, a lot of the cancer symptoms are similar to the symptoms of other diseases. These can include some of the following:-

    1. Bowel cancer being mistaken for IBS.
    2. Ovarian cancer being mistaken for a cyst.
    3. Skeletal injury being mistaken for muscular pain

    How to make a medical misdiagnosis claim.

    To start your medical misdiagnosis claim, you can call us today on 0121 8276 446, where you will be connected with one of our specialist advisors. they will be able to discuss the entire incident with you, provide you with the advice that you need and answer any question that you may have.

    Alternatively, you can fill in our online contact form and someone will call you back at a time that is convenient for you.

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