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    Road Traffic Accidents

    Having an accident on the road can have a major impact on your life. Apart from the pain and suffering from the physical injury, you can also suffer from the psychological trauma because of being injured suddenly and unexpectedly.

    Injuries sustained in a road traffic accident take time to heal. In some cases, these injuries could be permanent, life threatening or even cause further health complications.

    We at One Stop Legal Solution cannot take away what you have suffered and been through. But we can assist you through the first steps of making a no win no fee road traffic accident claim.

    We believe listening is the key, this allows us to grasp and understand the severity of your injury and most importantly the full impact of events on you, your family, your work life, and home life.

    Whether the injury sustained is temporary or permanent, we at One Stop Legal Solution can make it right when the injury has had an impact on you. Call us on 0121 827 6446, check to see if you have a claim by filling in the online form or book a call-back with us at a time that best suits you.


    Am I able to make a no win no fee road traffic accident (RTA) compensation claim?

    If you have been injured in RTA and was someone else’s fault, then you will likely be able to make a claim on a no win no fee basis.

    In cases where you were partly to blame you could still be eligible. However, in cases where you are a fault party then you would not be eligible to make a claim.

    How long will the claim take?

    Every case is different, the duration on reaching a successful settlement in a personal injury case is dependant on how complex the case is and the severity of the injury. Before a case reaches to the settlement stage it is important that all the medical evidence to support the injury you sustained is obtained by an independent medical expert.

    Other factors that could affect duration are:-

    1. whether or not you know the identity of the other side
    2. If the other side admits liability – or challenges it in court.

    As a rule of thumb, an RTA claim can take between three to twelve months.

    Are there time limits for road traffic accidents?

    To be eligible for a road traffic accident compensation claim, an individual must have been injured within the last three years and the accident that caused the injury must have been all or partly someone else’s fault.

    • At the time the traffic accident happened, you where 18 then you’ve got three years from the date of accident to make a personal injury claim.
    • At the time the traffic accident happened, you were under 18 and at that no claim was made by your litigation friend. Then you’ve got three years from your 18th birthday to make a personal injury claim.
    • In cases where the injury is of a serious nature such as brain injury you may have longer.

    We at One Stop Legal Solution Limited guarantee that we will not pressurise you to make a claim for compensation. The advice that we provide will be free and impartial to help you decide. Once you have decided and you want to proceed to making a claim, we will put you through to one of our rta solicitors.

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