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    Road traffic accident can be distressing and scary. Being on a motorbike, which has less protection and safety features than a car, can leave you severely injured and traumatised.

    Motorcycle safety gear generally consists of helmets, boots, gloves, leather, and you can even have crash bars fitted on for extra protection. Even with all of this, being a motorcyclist means you are at more risk of injury. Statistics say that you are over 60x more likely to be injured, or even killed in a motorbike accident.

    Not only can you suffer with serious injuries, you can also be left with psychological trauma of the accident.

    We understand that the injuries suffered in a motorbike accident can have a severe effect on your everyday life, and also the lives of the people around you. We are on hand to assist you with financial and mental support to get through those times.

    If you would like to know more about weather or not you are entitled to make a claim, or simply need further advice, contact us today on 0121 8276 446.


    What's included in motorbike accident compensation?

    You will be able to discuss with one of our specially trained advisors, or a solicitor on our panel, weather you are entitled to make a claim. The information you provide will be discussed with the third party insurance company, and the amount that you are entitled to will depend on the severity of your injury, how this effects your life and the lives of others around you, and your recovery period.

    Not only are you entitled to make a claim for your personal injury, which includes struggling to function in your day to day life, but you can also claim compensation for other financial expenses.

    This can include, but is not limited to, any of the following:-

    1. Loss of earning you have suffered due to not being able to work after the accident.
    2. Any expenses you have had to incur such as prescription charges and travel charges.
    3. Any treatment you have had to undertake which was not available via NHS.

    Not being able to look after yourself after an accident mean you will need to rely on your loved ones and the people around you. If someone had to look after you, even if this was for free, or had to take time for you, then this can be included in the compensation.

    How does no win no fee work?

    The claims are made on a no win no fee basis. This agreement is signed between you and the solicitor, which means if your claim I not successful then you will not need to pay anything.

    When your claim begins, you solicitor will discuss the option of taking out a legal insurance on you behalf. This is to protect you in the event that the case does not succeed. Although the final decision lies with you, the solicitors will recommend that you use this policy for your own protection. There are no upfront or hidden charges to pay on your case. A no win no fee agreement protect you from all risks.

    What are the time limits for motorbike accident claims?

    To make a claim for a motorbike accident, the accident must have occurred in the last 3 years. Not only can you claim for an accident that was not your fault, but you may also be able to claim for an accident where you are to partially blame.

    If you are over the age of 18, you have 3 years from the date of your accident to bring the claim forward. A person under the age of 18 can also make a claim through a Litigation Friend, and their 3-year limit will not start until they turn 18

    In exceptional circumstances, your time to claim may be extended. this can be in cases of head injuries, where severe psychological trauma has occurred. In exceptional circumstances, your time to claim may be extended. this can be in cases of head injuries or brain injury, and are not in a position to claim.

    If you would like further information or advice on the time limits of making a claim, please call us on 0121 8276 446, where on of our specially trained advisors will be able to discuss this with you.

    Should you choose to go ahead with the claim, a solicitor on our panel will be able to go through all the details and information with you and begin your claim straight away.

    How are road and motorbike accident injuries classified?

    Injuries caused by a motorbike accident can vary in the following ways:-

    1. A slight whiplash, which is soft tissue injuries, shock, or slight bruising
    2. Severe injuries, which can include partially losing a limb, fractures or deep wounds.
    3. Very severe injuries, which can include multiple broken bones, head or brain injury, or loss of consciousness.
    4. Fatalities, which result in death.

    Injuries caused in vehicle collisions not only have a physical effect, but can be mentally traumatising, resulting in the need of psychological help. Our team is on hand to ensure you are provided with all the means to get through these times.

    Motorbike accidents can occur in different ways. One way is a lowside accident. This occurs at a corner and is caused when there is either too much braking or accelerating through or out of a corner, or with excessive speed and not enough grip on the surface.

    The injuries for this accident generally tend to be less serious, such as whiplash and bruising, providing the correct protective gear is worn. In severe case, it is possible for the rider’s leg to become trapped under the bike, resulting in a potential fracture.

    Another way is a high side accident. This occurs when the rear wheel of the bike loses grip, and then viciously regains it. These are usually more severe, as it causes the people on the bike to be knocked off it either to the side or ahead of the bike.

    The injuries for this accident are more severe. Being thrown off the bike can cause serious injuries to the head and body. If the rider is thrown forward off the bike and land in front of it, this can cause them very severe injuries.

    Can I receive interim compensation payments?

    In the event that the motorbike accident leaves you unable to work, you may be able to get an interim payment to assist you financially.

    The interim payment may be used to help with bills and mortgage, any special equipment you may need to assist with your recovery.

    If you do need an interim payment, your solicitor can negotiate this with the other side’s insurance company and claim this for you.

    Can you help with my rehab and recovery?

    Once your solicitor has began your claim, you will be sent for a medical examination at the relevant time. The medical expert will assess you, and then prepare a report based on your injuries.

    The report will detail you injuries, how long it can take you to recover from them, and any further rehabilitation or medicals you may need.

    Whether you need psychological help or counselling, or any hands on treatment or medical reports, this will all be arranged by your solicitor to ensure you have the best possible chance of making a full recovery.

    What are the symptoms of a serious motorbike accident injury?

    Motorbike accidents can result in vey serious injuries, or even fatalities, and can be extremely distressing for those involved.

    It can be difficult for you to determine the seriousness of your injuries after your motorbike accident. If you would like more clarification on how serious they are, here are a few questions that may assist you in assessing this:-

    1. Do I need assistance in your every day life following the accident.
    2. Has the accident left you unable to go to work.
    3. Have you had to undertake special medical treatment or rehabilitation.
    4. Will I need medical assistance long term.

    If you would like more information or assistance in assessing the seriousness of your claim, please call us on 0121 8276 446 so we can help you further.

    Who pays motorbike accident compensation?

    Accidents caused by another motorist

    If your motorbike accident was caused by another motorist, then the insurance company of the one who is at fault will be responsible for paying you for your injury and losses.

    Accidents involving hit and run, uninsured or untraceable drivers

    If your motorbike accident was caused by a driver who is uninsured, or failed to stop at the scene of the accident, then the claim will be dealt with by the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB). The MIB is there to help people who have been involved in an accident where there is no insurance in place of the person at fault. Each year, thousands of people are injured following accidents involving drivers who have no insurance.

    In these circumstances, providing that your claim is successful, you will be paid your compensation by the MIB.

    Accident injury caused by poor road conditions

    Motorbike drivers are more prone to potholes or cracks on the road.

    In these circumstances, a claim can be made against the organisation or person who oversees the maintenance of the road, which will usually be the local council or Highways England.

    It is the responsibility of the relevant party’s to ensure the roads are kept safe and well maintained for other people to use.

    If you have been injured as a result of an accident due to poor road conditions, you may be entitled to make a claim.

    To find out more about accidents caused by poor road conditions, please call us on 0121 8276 446.

    Can I make a no win no fee compensation claim after a motorbike accident injury?

    You can make a claim for compensation for a motorbike accident providing it has happened within the last 3 years and is not your fault.

    If you are partially responsible for the accident, you may still be able to make a claim for compensation.

    Call our specially trained advisors today on 0121 8276 446, where they will be able to discuss the claim with you, including the circumstances and your injuries.

    All the solicitors on our panel work on a no win no fee basis. If there is ever any reason why they cannot work on no win no fee, you will be informed of this and no work will be done for you until you agree.

    How does a no win no fee motorcycle accident compensation claim work?

    The no win no fee agreement will be between you and one of our specially appointed solicitors.

    A no win no fee agreement protects you from the risks and costs of a claim, and providing that you have been co-operative and truthful throughout the entire claim, you will not have to pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful.

    If your claim is successful, 25% of your compensation will be deducted to pay the costs to your solicitor. In some cases, the amount may be less but it will never be more.

    What situations usually allow for a motorbike accident personal injury claim?

    There are many situations in which a motorbike accident can occur:

    Unexpected road defects that compromise your bike’s stability:

    This includes potholes, cracked roads and fluid spills. These can be hazardous to the biker, especially when they are making a turn. You may be able to make this claim providing there is enough evidence to prove there was negligence in the maintenance of the road.

    Recklessness or negligence by other road users that caused you to crash. 

    Accident that are caused by other road users can include recklessness, negligence, or losing control of their vehicle. Sometimes, a driver may not be able to see the motorbike approaching, and cross in to their path when making a turn.

    Sometimes, you may lose control of your motorbike in an event of trying to avoid a collision, such as with a road hazard, or even a pedestrian.

    A hit and run motorbike accident where the other driver failed to stop.
    This includes accident involving a driver who is uninsured, has no licence, or who failed to stop at the scene of the accident. the fault driver may abandon their vehicle and flee the scene or drive off before you can get their registration number.

    Can I make a motorcycle accident claim on behalf of someone else?

    Some accident can be so severe that the injured party is left with severe head or brain injuries, meaning they cannot lead a normal life, or go about their day by themselves.

    In these circumstances, a claim can be made on their behalf. This is usually done by their family members, who will act on their behalf as a litigation friend.

    If you would like to know if you are able to claim on someone else’s behalf, call us today on 0121 8276 446, where one of our trusted advisors will be able to go through the detail with you, and advise you further on this.

    We understand that having to care for someone who has suffered a serious injury can be very upsetting and having assistance with the financial burden can be one less thing to worry about.

    Can I get the free and impartial advice today?

    If you would like further advice on making a no win no fee accident claim, we will be able to provide you with all the information you need to do so.

    We will never begin the claim on your behalf until you give us permission to do so. All the information you give us will be 100% in confidence, and will not be passed on to anyone, including the solicitors, until you are happy for us to.

    This means weather you want advice on a motorbike accident which involved yourself, or a loved one, we will be on hand to answer all your queries.

    You can call us today on 0121 8276 446, where you will be connected with one of our specialist advisors to provide you with free advice.

    If you would prefer for one of our advisors to give you a call back at a time that is convenient for you, please fill in your details on our online form.

    Once you have provided us with all the information, the option of weather or not to continue will lie with you. We will never pressure or coerce you to claim for compensation.

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