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    Passenger Accident Claims

    If you have had an accident in the last 3 years due to somebody else’s negligence, you may be in a position to claim for compensation.

    Call us today on 0121 8276 446 to speak to one of our specially trained advisors. They will discuss with you weather or not you potentially have a claim, and what the next steps will be.

    Once we have been provided with all the details of your claim, we can then pass your details on to one of the specialist solicitors on our panel. They will then discuss with you what the prospects of success are and your options, should you wish to continue.

    Your claim will then be submitted to the ‘at fault’ party’s insurance company, and negotiations will begin.


    How do I start my passenger accident claim?

    To start the process, you can give us a call on 0121 8276 446 to speak to one of our trained advisors. They will go through all the details of the accident, including when, where and how it happened.

    You can also provide us with your details for a call back here, and someone will be in contact with you at your chosen time.

    We work on a no win no fee basis. You will be updated regularly throughout the process. we will ensue the process is kept as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

    What are my compensation rights?

    The law states that you should not be disadvantaged due to someone else’s negligence. As well as claiming for compensation, there are other losses which you can also claim for, such as loss of earning. And expenses such as prescription and medical charges.

    Does the driver owe a duty of care to their passengers?

    The driver is responsible for the lives of the people in their vehicle and they must ensure they are doing everything possible for the safety of their passengers. Passengers are innocent parties in a vehicle.

    As well as being able to claim from the other driver if they are at fault, as a passenger you can also claim from the driver of your vehicle should the fault lie with them. This can be due to reckless driving, or an accidental issue such as loss of control.

    What type of injuries can I claim for?

    It is possible to make a claim for any type of injury. You can make a claim for physical injuries as well as psychological trauma. Injuries can range from soft tissue and whiplash to life threatening or life changing.

    Should your claim be successful, you can be given compensation not only for injury, but for any further losses you have incurred.

    What are the time limits for road traffic accident claims?

    You can make a claim for compensation providing the accident happened in the last 3 years. A person under the age of 18 can also make a claim through a Litigation Friend, and their 3 year limit will not start until they turn 18

    In exceptional circumstances, your time to claim may be extended. this can be in cases of head injuries or brain injury, and are not in a position to claim.

    If you would like to know more about the time limits please call us on 0121 8276 446 to discuss this, and one of our advisors can give you further information and advice on this.

    What are the common types of passenger accident claims?

    Passengers can be involved in any type of accident where they were not responsible for the vehicle. This can include, but is not limited to:-

    1.  Car accidents
    2. Motorcycle pillion accidents
    3. Accidents on public transport
    4. Cyclist accidents

    If you have had an accident as a passenger and would like further information, please contact us on 0121 827 6446.

    Who pays passenger compensation?

    Passenger accident injuries caused by another person

    As a passenger, the fault of the accident is with the driver of either your vehicle, or the other vehicle in the accident. the insurance company of the one who is at fault will be responsible for paying you for your injury and losses.

    If the person responsible for the accident has no insurance in place, you may still be eligible to claim. Claims against uninsured drivers are dealt with and paid out by the Motor Insurance Bureau, or MIB.

    The MIB is there to help people who have been involved in an accident where there is no insurance in place of the person at fault. Each year, thousands of people are injured following accidents involving drivers who have no insurance.

    Passenger compensation claims after a hit and run accident

    Not everyone will be good enough to stop at the scene of an accident to face the consequences of their actions.

    The fault driver may abandon their vehicle and flee the scene or drive off before you can get their registration number. There are a few reasons why someone may choose not to stop at the scene, including if they were intoxicated, they have no licence, or they are not insured to drive the vehicle.

    In these circumstances, providing that your claim is successful, you will be paid your compensation by the MIB.

    Accident injury caused by poor road conditions

    Not all accidents are vehicle object related. In some cases, the accidents can be caused by poor road conditions. This can include poor road surfaces such as cracks or potholes.

    In these circumstances, a claim can be made against the organisation or person who oversees the maintenance of the road, which will usually be your local council.

    It is the responsibility of the relevant party’s to ensure the roads are kept safe and well maintained for other people to use.

    If you have been injured as a result of an accident due to poor road conditions, you may be entitled to make a claim.

    To find out more about accidents caused by poor road conditions, please call us on 0121 8276 446.

    What are the myths about making a passenger accident claim?

    As a passenger in a vehicle, you are the innocent party and can be entitled to claim compensation.

    It is the responsibility of the drivers to ensure the vehicle is under their control and they are fit and well to drive.

    You may still be able to claim if the driver of your car is making a deliberate error, such as driving recklessly, using a mobile phone while driving or driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. The legal limit of alcohol is 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath or 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood.

    Although you can still claim, the amount which is awarded to you may vary depending on the circumstances.

    What might my no win no fee passenger compensation claim be worth?

    The value of each accident claim differs. Until you have attended your medical examination, it is difficult to determine exactly how much compensation you can claim. The amount can vary depending on how severely you are injured and how this can affect your life.

    Claiming against a friend or family member.

    Making a claim against a loved one, weather they are a family member or a friend, can leave you feeling uneasy. The claims are paid out by the insurance company, which means you will not be taking a penny off the driver so they will not be left out of pocket.

    This will allow you to get the compensation and justice you deserve without your loved one being left with a hefty bill, so you can focus on making a recovery and getting yourself back on track with life.

    If you require further information regarding claiming of someone you know, please contact us on 0121 8276 446.

    Rail passenger compensation, airline passenger compensation and other transport claim types.

    You may be involved in an accident as a passenger on public transport, weather that is in  taxi, bus or train. Being in a public transport vehicle means it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the vehicle they are driving is safe and secure, and you are able to reach your destination safely. Being injured as a passenger on public transport means you may be entitled to compensation.

    Accident on public transport can include, but are not limited to:-

    1. Being a passenger in a taxi where the driver has collided with another vehicle, or someone has collided into the vehicle you are in.
    2. – You are entering/exiting the bus and the driver pulls away, which causes you to fall.
    3. You are a passenger on a train which has been involved in an accident.

    Don’t worry if your circumstances have not been mentioned in the above list, you may still be entitled to compensation. Call us today on 0121 8276 446, where one of our advisors will be able to talk through the circumstances with you and assess this further.

    Pillion passenger motorcycle accidents.

    Accidents on a motorbike can be more severe due to the lack of protection. It only takes a split second for the driver to lose control, putting you at danger.

    If you have been injured due to an accident as a passenger on a motorbike, you may be able to claim for your losses and injury.

    Call our experienced advisors today on 0121 8276 446, where they will be able to take the details of the accident from you, and advise you on how you can proceed.

    Serious passenger injuries.

    Accidents for passengers can have not only a severe mental affect but can also leave you with life changing injuries. This may have an impact on how you function during your day to day life, or even leave you unable to look after yourself. We understand how difficult this can be for you to bare, and although we cannot take away what happened, we can help in assisting and supporting you.

    Claiming compensation can help reduce your worry when it comes to financial burdens. Having an accident may leave you unable to work, therefore causing financial stress.

    As well as causing serous injury, in severe cases accident can also cause fatalities. If a loved one has suffered a fatal accident and you would like further advice on this, our friendly and welcoming advisors will be on hand to provide you with the advice and information you need to continue.

    What is the law on seatbelts?

    The law on seatbelts is clear. It must be worn at all times unless you are exempt.

    Every person over the age of 14 must wear a seatbelt unless exempt, and every child under 14 must wear either a seatbelt, or a child restraint.

    Wearing a seatbelt reduces your chances of having a severe injury in the case of an accident. If you have been in volved in an accident and you were not wearing a seatbelt, you may still be entitled to compensation, however it is very likely that you will receive less than if you were wearing a seatbelt.

    What's typically covered in a passenger compensation claim?

    Claiming compensation for an accident not only covers injury, it can also include the following:-

    1. Loss of earning due to you not being able to work
    2. If you are unable to work, it can cover future losses
    3. The care and support you receive, even if this is from friends and family.
    4. Travel costs you have incurred due to travelling to any arranged medicals.
    5. Prescription charges which you have had to pay.

    There may be some further costs which have not been mentioned in the above list, if you would like to know more about this please contact our specialist advisors on 0121 8276 446.

    Injuries can have severe effects on your life, and you should not be left suffering for an accident that was not your fault.

    No two claims are the same. Each person’s injury and recovery time can differ. Therefore, each case is treated on an individual basis. When you contact us, our specialist advisors will be able to listen carefully to what you say and provide advice and information based on that.

    What are early passenger compensation payments?

    Some insurance companies may offer what is called an interim payment. This is a part payment of what your compensation can be before the case has settled. This is usually offered or requested when the injuries are severe enough to leave you in a financial crisis.

    Being unable to work can leave you struggling to pay your bills, or rent or mortgage. The interim payment can be used to cover these costs. It may also be used to cover the costs of any help you may need, such as needing a carer or needing help from your family members.

    Your solicitor will negotiate this with the at fault insurers before your claim has settled.

    If you would like more information on interim payments, please call us on 0121 8276 446 where on of our trusted advisors will be able to offer you further information.

    Making a no win no fee passenger accident claim.

    All of the solicitors work on a no win no fee basis. There are measures in place to protect you in the event that your case needs to go to court. This is a legal insurance policy called After the Event Insurance, or an ATE policy. This will cover your costs if your claim fails, providing you have been honest and co-operative throughout the entire process.

    Making a no win no fee claim means you will not be left struggling or out of pocket.

    If your claim is successful, any costs and expenses not paid for by the at fault insurers will be deducted from your final compensation pay out.

    If it is not possible to make a no win no fee claim, your solicitors will inform you of this before they continue with the claim.

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