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    In majority of car accidents whiplash is the most common injury. Statistics show that fifty percent of all car accidents in England and Wales results in an individual sustaining whiplash injury.

    Many individuals believe whiplash injuries are of a minor nature. However, this injury can have uncomfortable, long-lasting effects on an individual’s life. In serious cases, symptoms of whiplash can be permanent.

    In car accidents you can suffer whiplash because of the sudden jolt or stretching of the neck causing damage to the muscles and ligaments.

    Whiplash is a common injury sustained by drivers or passengers of a vehicle. Studies show that you can sustain whiplash injuries at low-speed collisions, but the severity of the injury is dependant on restrain (seat belt) and the position of your seat headrest.

    Although whiplash injury is common in road traffic collisions, there are other types of accidents which can cause whiplash injury. Accidents that cause the head to jolt forward, backwards, or to the side resulting in a sprain include, but are not limited to slip, trips, or falling.

    With age, the muscles and ligaments start to lose their strength and flexibility, or you may have a medical condition such as arthritis. If this is the case, you may be more prone to whiplash.


    What are the symptoms of whiplash injuries?

    If you have sustained whiplash type injuries, you might suffer from the following symptoms: –

    1)Swelling, Inflammation and Pain to the neck, shoulders or back.


    3)Dizziness and in rare cases nausea

    Can I make a whiplash claim?

    Every case is different, the duration on reaching a successful settlement in a personal injury case is dependant on how complex the case is and the severity of the injury. Before a case reaches to the settlement stage it is important that all the medical evidence to support the injury you sustained is obtained by an independent medical expert.

    Other factors that could affect duration are:

    1. whether or not you know the identity of the other side
    2. If the other side admits liability – or challenges it in court.

    As a rule of thumb, an RTA claim can take between three to twelve months.

    How do I start a whiplash injury claim?

    How much does claiming for whiplash cost?

    How long does it take to settle a whiplash claim?

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